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The first steps in the direction of working in a strategic fashion for disadvantaged communities were taken by the bdpatel team in 1997. Work was initiated by establishing a youth body which would cater to marginalised groups. Dr. Ganpatrai Joshi, renowned Gandhian and freedom fighter was the founding father of the youth group. Work at bdpatel gained momentum during the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat where the organisation facilitated rescue operations, donations, relief and rehabilitation work in Kutch district with the support of Dr. Sahib Singh Verma, Ex – Chief Minister, Delhi.
Since then, bdpatel has grown in organisational strength, reputation and volunteers. UDGAM centres its work around community perspective building, advocacy processes and professional development amongst rural populace. Formed by 7 passionate and dedicated development professionals, bdpatel works on diverse social issues including education, women empowerment equality, healthcare and HIV/ AIDS, water& sanitation, social justice and human rights. Since its inception, UDGAM has been focusing on the elimination of extreme poverty and opportunity gaps between rural and urban areas of India. It works to develop entrepreneurship and income generation activities for rural youth. At the heart of all its endeavours, bdpatel looks to create effective partnerships for socio- economic development.

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An India with empowered and self reliant rural communities, which live with dignity, equal rights and opportunities.


Facilitate socio-economic development and tackle multidimensional issues of poverty.


It was inspiration and blessings from renowned Gandhian from Kheda district Dr. Ganpatrai Joshi to start a voluntary organization for the development of the underprivileged, with inception the activities of the organization evolved around providing help in Health, Legal, Farming, Water Conservation etc. The aftermath of the devastating Earthquake on 26thJanuary 2001 was the period ‘Udgam’ started focusing on charitable activities. ‘Udgam’ provided every facility from Doctors, Medicine, and Food etc. all with the help of our Donors and others involved with us in all our projects. ‘Udgam’ also helped the Earthquake victims to rehabilitate in Kutch with support of Dr. Dahib Singh Verma.

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